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Make Money While you Sleep with VCP!

You can see Most of these in our VCP MasterMind Group, that you get access to once you become a member.
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Make Money While you Sleep

This image is from Patrick Tuttle. He joined the review team less than 24 hours ago, and sent me these results this morning.

Patrick Tuttle Ranking in Google SERPS No1

2 Listings, in No2 and No3 Position after a Hospital listing, Above Local Listings.

Organic Google Serp Results

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4 Spots in Google Search Results

4 Spots Google Search Results

Top 3 in YouTube and First Page Google Results


Here's my test results using the first images I found on my hard drive. using a simple term plumbers manchester in, while testing the software over and over, just restarting it etc. These were created before we had Batch Mode Ability. As you can see totally dominating this niche, complete first page and next etc. Using just test images from my hard drive, then instagram and pinterest. You can see more of my test results, by searching Youtube here for my name, which was in the title of my testing videos.

Note: I created these to test the software, not ranking testing, thus used the first images I found on my hard drive., though even these very fast created videos with no thought put into them whatsoever are ranking extremely well.

Plumbers Manchester

Very little work to populate a new video channel with videos like below, that's about 5 mins input time. Softare does the rest.

I expect your Clients would like results like this below.

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And can expect to get results just like below easily.

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